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Our Story

Hi! I'm Charlotte mostly known as Lottie.

I am mainly an interdisciplinary artist which to many people means absolutely nothing! It's not until recently that even I didn't know what it meant. Basically, it means I don't have a specific practice that I follow, I am an artist in all medias. I am a Designer, Artists, Sculptor, Crafter and Photographer. I enjoy all forms of art as long as I am making I am happy. Typically I like to work with "messy medias" such as paint, wax, inks, water. I like to let the material take it's natural course.

My current personal practice is focusing on mental health and the intrusive thoughts that those suffering with OCD battle with.

The art I sell is very much the making of my inner self. Each piece is unique in some way. I create each piece specifically with my inner voice speaking through the artwork. I specifically love my A3 ink watercolour framed artworks. I also love creating bespoke pieces.